SEO for Solar Companies: How to Earn Traffic & Leads

SEO is one of the most cost effective ways for solar lead generation. Many business owners use both SEO and Adwords to drive traffic to their site and generate leads.

To do SEO for a Solar company online, you would first find out who your top competitors are. From there, you can work out what the top solar power keywords that they are using to generate traffic. By using various SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs, you can reverse engineer their keywords used for both content and AdWords and also where their back links come from.

Ideally, you should do your own keyword research. Review your Google Analytics data to see which keyword phrases have been generating the most traffic to your site. Use these are your seed keywords.

By using a keyword tool like Google Ad planner, you can use the seed keywords from the step before to generate a long list of keyword phrases. The results are shown with an estimated number of searches per month.

Generate your own list of keywords to target and to write content about. For Solar companies, these might be solar panels, renewable energy or green energy.

The next step of the plan is to create content using the keywords that with the most commercial intent, the words that have driven customers to buy from your previously.

Your content should be comprehensive and informational. Use an On Page SEO checklist to ensure that you have done all the necessary steps to optimize that web page.

These are the types of SEO content that will generate the most traffic from Search Engines for your solar company. Make sure that you have included a call to action on your site or at the bottom of each article to collect those leads.
After you have posted the content to your site, make sure that you create internal links to other related articles on your site. If you have a money page or a lead generation page with an email capture form, make sure that site traffic is directed there.

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How to Get Your Solar Company Website on the Front Page of Google

If you are an owner of a solar company website, you will need to attract right traffic to your website. However, that can be a considerably difficult task. Solar energy marketing can be a tiresome job if you don’t know from where to start your advertisement. To relieve you of this great pain my article here will help you to get a towering position in Google’s search result.

1) Work Hard

First thing first, to get on Google’s front page you will have to work very hard. The content you write should be unique not stolen; otherwise, your website will be docked so only include quality content to your website. If you are using pictures to illustrate your text, don’t use those for which you don’t have a license to use. You can include your own pictures or include those which are distributed for public use (under creative common license). The last thing to look at is the presentation of your site. It should be attractive and professionally build (you may hire a professional to code your website).

2) Choosing appropriate keywords

For solar energy marketing, you would require some keywords. Keywords for the solar site could include photoelectric cells, solar panels, etc. Google analytics will help you to choose some keywords. Remember! That the game is all about keywords, more your website has; the higher its position would be in the search results.
Include the keywords where ever possible. In your headings, in your domain name, and in your image descriptions.

3) Promote your website

Backlinks are those links which redirect the user of another website to your own site. You should try to get some backlinks by contacting more famous websites just like your own, and see if they are interested in promoting your site. Create your website’s Facebook, Twitter account, or Youtube page as these social media sites will help to promote your website.

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Practical Tips for Improving Your Solar Energy Website

SEO is a combination of strategies for increasing the visibility of the website and improving its positioning in the search engines. It is a way to tell search engines about the quality of a website to attract more organic (unpaid) traffic by improving the site’s ranking in search engines.

For the most part, it depends on the content, structure, and links to the website. SEO optimization is aimed at improving the interaction with the search engine, but you can never forget about your audience. User experience is above all.

Correct SEO optimization will attract thousands of users, and the wrong one will lead to almost zero traffic.

Let’s say if your website is about solar energy than below tips will help you to rank higher in serps.

1. Keyword research

SEO is a game of keywords. You need to know the keywords related to solar energy, you can use Google keyword planner and long tail pro for this purpose. Try to find low competition and high search volume keywords.

2. Content

Content is the largest part of an SEO page.

Write long and informative texts related to solar energy. Hire any freelance writer for this purpose.

The content on your site is not just text. Use video, photos, animated slides, infographics related to solar energy.

Content is not a king! The way you submit it, that’s what matters.

3. Pay more attention to good content:

Headings – Create captivating headlines that enhance the reader’s interest in the article. Add your primary keyword like solar energy in headings.

Keywords – Choose low competition keywords that could lead people to your site.

Links – Link to quality websites related to solar energy that complements your site.

Quality – Try to publish unique and high-quality content.

Freshness – You must update your website on daily basis.

4. Site Menu

The menu of the site is on the second place in matters of site optimization – it also needs to be taken care of. Add your categories of solar energy, About Page, Privacy policy and contact us page.

5. Website Speed

Create AMP pages for your solar energy website or try to keep your webpage loading speed as fast as you can.

6. External SEO

External SEO optimization is needed in the same way as SEO pages – it helps to make your domain more authoritative in the eyes of search engines.

In other words, it’s a way to make your site reliable in the eyes of search engines.

– Use social networks to promote your content

– Do blogging and guest blogging on similar solar energy websites that are popular

– Use your keywords as anchor text

– Offer solutions in discussion forums related to solar energy

– Share photos and videos

– Form meaningful business lists

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How to Write a Killer Solar Energy Marketing Plan

Solar energy is already part of our lives. The tendencies are that solar energy will replace the traditional energy sources in the future. Before that situation comes, we should know how to spread the word about the solar energy and how to make an effective solar energy marketing plan. Few steps are important to follow.

  1. Target your audience

Who are the potential users of solar energy? Who will invest in this kind of solution? These questions are crucial for making of a good solar energy marketing plan. People and investors need to recognize the potential of the product you offer. If they want to invest, they also want to know what their benefits are. From the very begging to the end of the plan, it is important to know everything about your audience. Their needs are at the first place.

  1. Find the experts

Only experts can tell you real costs of solar energy projects. They know what is needed to be done in order to achieve maximum results. For that reason, consult someone you trust in this situation. The more detailed insight you have, the more success you will make. Some good financial experts can help you a lot. Feel free to ask them about the costs and overall profits of the project.

  1. Put everything together

Every solar energy marketing plan is complete only when you put all important things together. Potential byers, all costs, planed profits and additional details need to be combined perfectly. With this in mind, you will be able to make a killer solar energy marketing plan. Once you make it, the project will show how successful you are at planning. Combine all these elements and watch how solar energy reaches more and more people. A good plan will make the energy sources more available to the people around the world.

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The Top 10 Most Effective Solar Energy Marketing Techniques

When it comes to marketing for solar companies, it feels like an elevated battle for most companies. While a lot of excitement and interest around solar energy could be heard from most people, a lot of resistance is seen to the investment of solar energy products. Solar energy advertising is only part of what companies should do. Here are ten effective techniques.

A Proper Website

The use of a solar energy website is an incredible way to let people know what benefit they can get from what you offer. Make it user-friendly and be in layman’s language.

Email Marketing

This is one of the cheapest and effective ways of marketing. But you should be careful not to end up in the spam of people. By sending informative newsletters you can have the chance to demonstrate what you offer over time.

Direct Marketing

This involves door to door drop or sending out of newsletters by post. Your call to action and headline are important in this. Make sure you have a good list and a good mailer to boost your success.

Search Engine Optimization

Solar energy is a vibrant topic, therefore the aligning of your content and keywords with frequent searches is a key strategy. Make sure not to use jargons but only keywords that are natural.

Social Media

We now live in an age whereby social media is part of most people. You can find environmental friendly groups where you can display what it is you have or even create your own page and it is a great platform to make your company known.

Solar Energy Advertising

Before you engage in an advertisement strategy, make sure you have a target market. This will help you know whether to use the newspapers, television, radio or website that has high traffic.

Public Relations

This involves having the chance to get editorial coverage in the television, radio, papers or magazine. This is done by creating stories of interest that would be attractive to the fans of a key journalist.

Strategic Alliances

Here you have to team up with other people who operate in a different field from you in order to have mutual benefits. For example, you can team up with estate agents.

Ratings and Testimonials

Make sure to have your customers rate you or write a testimonial which you can put on your website and have people visiting the site to see them. You can also have recommendations of which will help new customers gain confidence in you.


You can sponsor local events that relate to energy, sports, or even donate solar products to a local charity. This creates an image for your brand and hence exposes you out there increasing your chance to increase customer base.

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