How to Get Your Solar Company Website on the Front Page of Google

If you are an owner of a solar company website, you will need to attract right traffic to your website. However, that can be a considerably difficult task. Solar energy marketing can be a tiresome job if you don’t know from where to start your advertisement. To relieve you of this great pain my article here will help you to get a towering position in Google’s search result.

1) Work Hard

First thing first, to get on Google’s front page you will have to work very hard. The content you write should be unique not stolen; otherwise, your website will be docked so only include quality content to your website. If you are using pictures to illustrate your text, don’t use those for which you don’t have a license to use. You can include your own pictures or include those which are distributed for public use (under creative common license). The last thing to look at is the presentation of your site. It should be attractive and professionally build (you may hire a professional to code your website).

2) Choosing appropriate keywords

For solar energy marketing, you would require some keywords. Keywords for the solar site could include photoelectric cells, solar panels, etc. Google analytics will help you to choose some keywords. Remember! That the game is all about keywords, more your website has; the higher its position would be in the search results.
Include the keywords where ever possible. In your headings, in your domain name, and in your image descriptions.

3) Promote your website

Backlinks are those links which redirect the user of another website to your own site. You should try to get some backlinks by contacting more famous websites just like your own, and see if they are interested in promoting your site. Create your website’s Facebook, Twitter account, or Youtube page as these social media sites will help to promote your website.

Need help with your solar energy marketing? Contact us and we can help.

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