Practical Tips for Improving Your Solar Energy Website

SEO is a combination of strategies for increasing the visibility of the website and improving its positioning in the search engines. It is a way to tell search engines about the quality of a website to attract more organic (unpaid) traffic by improving the site’s ranking in search engines.

For the most part, it depends on the content, structure, and links to the website. SEO optimization is aimed at improving the interaction with the search engine, but you can never forget about your audience. User experience is above all.

Correct SEO optimization will attract thousands of users, and the wrong one will lead to almost zero traffic.

Let’s say if your website is about solar energy than below tips will help you to rank higher in serps.

1. Keyword research

SEO is a game of keywords. You need to know the keywords related to solar energy, you can use Google keyword planner and long tail pro for this purpose. Try to find low competition and high search volume keywords.

2. Content

Content is the largest part of an SEO page.

Write long and informative texts related to solar energy. Hire any freelance writer for this purpose.

The content on your site is not just text. Use video, photos, animated slides, infographics related to solar energy.

Content is not a king! The way you submit it, that’s what matters.

3. Pay more attention to good content:

Headings – Create captivating headlines that enhance the reader’s interest in the article. Add your primary keyword like solar energy in headings.

Keywords – Choose low competition keywords that could lead people to your site.

Links – Link to quality websites related to solar energy that complements your site.

Quality – Try to publish unique and high-quality content.

Freshness – You must update your website on daily basis.

4. Site Menu

The menu of the site is on the second place in matters of site optimization – it also needs to be taken care of. Add your categories of solar energy, About Page, Privacy policy and contact us page.

5. Website Speed

Create AMP pages for your solar energy website or try to keep your webpage loading speed as fast as you can.

6. External SEO

External SEO optimization is needed in the same way as SEO pages – it helps to make your domain more authoritative in the eyes of search engines.

In other words, it’s a way to make your site reliable in the eyes of search engines.

– Use social networks to promote your content

– Do blogging and guest blogging on similar solar energy websites that are popular

– Use your keywords as anchor text

– Offer solutions in discussion forums related to solar energy

– Share photos and videos

– Form meaningful business lists

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