#1. Search Engine Optimization

Renewable energy is blowing up in the consumer, commercial, and industrial sectors right now.

And the core of that explosion is solar energy.

Solar companies can now appeal to more customers than ever since solar cells have become so affordable. Whether you want to help homeowners become self-sufficient or businesses cut their facilities’ costs in half, there are millions of energy-hungry customers that want to move into the future of energy supply.

But there’s just one problem — how do you reach those eager customers?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website so that it shows up more often in search engine results.

Our All-In-One SEO Package provides an on-page and off-page optimization. We will do extensive keyword research about your pages, optimize each element of your pages, and provide a full report of everything done.

Then our experienced link building team will focus on creating a natural link structure that follows exactly the path of viral content on the web (through a mix of blog outreach, magazine submissions, backlink diversification, and other rank building activities).

Support your client in expanding their online reach and capturing a bigger audience.

#2. Local SEO

Local directory citations are the bread and butter of local SEO. Our Local SEO service is an intensely thought out and effective ranking machine. Where 99% of Local SEO services fail, we excel.

The most important part of any Local SEO campaign is ensuring consistency, which is why every single Local campaign starts with a full audit. Without this crucial step (that most cheap competitors skip), you’d be throwing money down the drain.

With our careful, manual submissions, we make sure you are in the BEST directories for your niche and market. Every single campaign is different and we leverage 3 strategies for determining which directories to submit to for that particular client.

We claim all the most important directories where possible, and provide detailed instructions for all others that should be verified by the client (some require a phone call for verification or other methods). Only live profiles are delivered, including all login info.

#3. Content Marketing

Our content writing service is the easiest way to get great articles on your blog at your schedule. No more having to come up with ideas, contract writers, go through the editing process just to get your blog up and running.

We have created an amazing blog writing service that will get you highly relevant, researched, professionally written content to your blog based on your needs.

Our high-quality posts are meant to educate, inform, and draw in your prospects. With our well-defined process, we’re able to deliver high-quality blog posts to your website every month.

#4. Social Media Marketing

A vibrant social media presence can do a number of things for solar energy companies. It builds trust with users – the number of them rapidly growing. On top, it provides new opportunities for cultivating your brand, connecting with your community, and generating SEO-friendly traffic to your website.

With more and more consumers searching for local services online, an active, tasteful social media presence makes solar companies appear really effective and cutting-edge.

In today’s digitized world, consumers expect businesses to have social media profiles on essentially every channel available. However, not a lot of local service-based businesses actually do it well. Hence, solar companies that have active  social media profiles will notably stand out to leads who search a little bit deeper online than your website (which is hopefully beautiful – if not, go here next). And because social media is inherently about sharing candid, personal information, you have the opportunity to establish a tremendous amount of trust with prospective clients through it.

#5. Website Design

A website that’s easy to navigate and provides valuable information is essential for any business. And for solar companies, this is especially true, because people considering installing solar panels or using solar energy typically need to do a considerable amount of research about their options for both services and companies.

Your site is often the first impression potential clients get of your company, and if they click away in frustration, they might not come back.

A well designed website, however, can lead to an increased in qualified leads – and as a result, increased revenue.

If you don’t yet have a website for your company, or know that your existing site has room for improvement, we can help. Our experienced team has designed and built effective websites for hundreds of clients, and we’ll do the same for you.

#6. Brand Marketing

Starting your own business? Rebranding your business? Both ventures require a fresh look, which starts with your logo. Your logo should embody your brand identity, and we are the pros who can capture this in design.

Anyone can design a logo, but what makes us different is our dedication to perfection. We strive for perfection in every aspect of your design, whether that be capturing the spirit of your brand, leaving a lasting impact on your audience or simply creating a beautiful, professional logo.

Need a business card? You nailed that first impression, but a business card sticks around even after a meeting is over. Bring your business card design to the next level. Make it unforgettable. Our designers will create custom business cards you’ll love, guaranteed.

#7. Reputation Management

Reviews are important… very important. If you haven’t taken the time to put a system in place to ensure you get all the 5 star reviews your solar business needs to beat the competition, now is the time.

If you have even one or two negative reviews without an overwhelming number of positive reviews, it can turn away potential customers and really hurt your business.

#8. Press Releases

Press Releases are the industry standard for high quality SEO. We can take your solar business or an event and turn it into a high quality article called a Press Release.

Then we will seed this article through multiple, high quality news distribution channels including the Associated Press, Lexis Nexis, Comtex & more. Hundreds of news outlets will pick up your press release and publish it on their site resulting in a multitude of high quality, diverse links from very authoritative, real news sites.

These links bring authority, trust, and diversity to your link profile.

On top of that, clients love press releases and are impressed when you can show them all the traction you’ve gotten them!

We know the solar energy industry

At MilleniumSEO, we know the solar industry. Renewable energy is blowing up in the consumer, commercial, and industrial sectors right now.

More residential and corporate customers are getting solar panels installed at their homes and facilities to save money in the long run — and that means your business has a lot of profit potential in the future.

We’ll make sure you get the customers you need to grow your solar business. Contact us today to start promoting your solar business online!